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Narixa Cycle Club is a friendly road and mountain bike group based in Nerja. Founded in 1998 it explores the stunning mountain scenery of the Axarquía, and adjacent regions. Narixa, which means abundant springs, is the ancient Moorish name for the beautiful Malagan town of Nerja on the eastern end of the Costa del Sol.

Joining the Weekly Club Narixa Sunday Ride

Narixa welcomes people who are visiting to join us on our official Sunday ride. The meeting point is at the petrol station situated on the main N340 road, next to the local Police station. Please visit the following page to see upcoming rides and meeting times: Route and departure time.

People who come out to the region on a regular basis are more than welcome, even encouraged to take out our affiliate membership, which costs a mere €30 per year. This will entitle you to purchase our official CCNarixa club kit and attend our social events during the course of the year.

Support car

Depending on the ride and the time of year, we have a support car to accompany the ride. Everyone attending on these days is asked to pay €2 to the driver. This is a small price to pay if you have suffered a major mechanical and would otherwise have to get a taxi home or worse call the missus off the beach or shopping to come and pick you up..

Etiquette during the Sunday club ride

The aim is that the group stay together for the majority of the ride. Leaving Nerja the club will aim to keep the speed to a casual pace usually 30 kph. Once we reach the start of the climb, you can ride at your own pace to the top. At the top of the climb, we will all regroup, enjoy the scenery and wait for the remainder of the cyclists to arrive. We will then descend together to the coast. The return ride pace will be set by the ride leader.

Safety during the ride

We ask that people respect the normal rules of cycling in a group as well as the rules of the road. Please do not overtake other riders on the inside, descend safely and cycle no more than two a breast. If you are still new to cycling or a nervous rider then please ride at the back of the group.

When we return to Nerja we normally will go for a few drinks and tapas, again all riders are welcome to come along.

For further information

If you have any questions please email club representative, Gareth Arnold email: garetharnold1978@gmail.com